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Meet the team

Andy Cook

Dr. Andy Cook


Andy graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health as a traditional Naturopathic Doctor & is board certified through the American Naturopathic Medical Association. He is also a Certified Comprehensive Iridologist through the International Iridology Practitioner Association.

As owner of Ozark Mountain Natural Health, he specializes in building health through a classical naturopathic approach; using iridology to assess a client’s genetic predispositions and correcting body chemistry to facilitate the body’s natural responses to wholeness; and working with flower essences to balance and clear negative emotional patterns. Andy is also an ordained minister and Doctor of Divinity through the Universal Light Seminary and holds a degree in Pastoral Arts from Heartland Baptist Bible College.

His healing journey began in 2007 when a relative was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She used naturopathic medicine to live many full, vibrant years and overcome her health challenges. Her experience inspired him to pursue natural health for his family and for his community. Andy has a passion to glorify God by bringing wholeness to the body, soul, and spirit of his fellow man. He enjoys teaching on aromatherapy, native herbalism, historical folk medicine, and biblical healing.



Wendy graduated from Well Spring School of Allied Health in October of 2018 becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist. Her passion for helping others led her to this addition of many certifications in the healthcare field. Her background experiences working in private practice, hospital and surgical, dental, pharmaceutical, as well as federally funded healthcare centers led her to focus on the pediatric, disabled, and geriatric population. That has been her passion and dedication for the past 28 years.

Wendy’s focus is for reaching clients whose goals are to improve overall health, wellness, and function of the body. She incorporates various modalities of massage and direct flow of energy to promote natural healing to the mind and body as a whole. Her massage experience and skill assists clients in relieving stress and anxiety, strengthening immune function, supporting healthy blood and lymph flow, increasing circulation, reducing pain, and promoting recovery from chronic fatigue and health challenges. Client-focused care and satisfaction drive Wendy’s clinical, yet personal approach.

Happily married to her husband, Darrin, they have five children and five grandchildren which are at the top of her list of many blessings. In her spare time, she loves water, lakes, rivers, oceans, nature, boating, and camping, world travel. If she’s not with her clients, you will find her somewhere water-side or with her beautiful grandchildren. Her passion to serve the Lord motivates her to reach others through daily life experiences. Faith overcomes many life-challenges and allows her work ethic to thrive.

Through Wendy’s personal health journey of suffering from a traumatic injury, she bolstered her faith and motivation to pursue natural healing methods. This experience and life story has given her invaluable tools to empower and promote God’s healing in others.

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What Our Customers Have to Say

I just wanted to tell you Waverly is improving so much in reading! I'm so proud of her! Her confidence when she reads is so much better too! I believe your work with her plays the biggest part with her improvement!!
Isabella B.